Our team is organized and positioned to provide services that promote and enhance the delivery of world-class dental care.  Our unique combination of people, technology, process and services offer a great resource to our clients. We strive to provide a service second to none.


Janet K. Couch OTR/L Cruise Director

Janet has been a practicing Occupational Therapist and Mentor for over 40 years. She has advanced training and experience in ergonomics. Janet has been applying her specialized knowledge to dentistry through our Dental Ergonomics MasterClasses and providing consultation to clients of CaringQuest.

Michael A. Couch DDSCatalyst

Michael has spent 39 years of his professional career as a clinician, educator and consultant. At the University of Colorado School of Dentistry, he led the Four-handed Dentistry curriculum.  As a catalyst he designs dental offices, coaches resource development of the point of care process and develops technology integration plans.

Our Blessing and Inspiration

Our Josh, Charlie, Emma and Georgie

Our Josh, Charlie, Emma and Georgie

We greatly enjoy the relationships with our clients and our commitment to their health and success.

We have been blessed through the years through the relationships we have built.

Our greatest titles over all these years are being Lele/Nene/Sitto and Boff/Pawps to the four gifts on the left.  We are so blessed.