Our Values, Purpose, and Vision

Start with Why

Thanks to Simon Sinek and his book “Start with Why” we begin with what drives and inspires us.

CaringQuest’s Core Values, Purpose, Vision and Mission guide us in our service and commitments.

Core Values

We believe character, integrity, and commitment are the values that must drive our decision and interactions
We believe that lifelong learning fuels passion and creates joy and fulfillment in life’s journey.
We believe in a balance of personal, family, career, and community needs.
Excellence is the basis of our mission, our commitment, and our services.
We will provide our services to dentists committed to excellence through continuous quality innovation.
We believe excellence is best achieved in freedom of choice paradigm and will champion that cause.
We value the uniqueness of each client and will treat each as an individual instead of a mass market.


We exist to serve by inspiring greatness at “The Point of Care.”


Our ultimate objective is to facilitate excellence by inspiring greatness. Our challenge is to create a “Point of Care process” that allows our client practices to achieve balance, service excellence and optimal performance. Fundamental to this process is the integration of the “high-tech” of the “digital practice” with the “high touch” human element resulting in a high trust/low fear practice that “soars.”

Our vision embodies the following outcomes:

  • Build a firm recognized by those who genuinely strive for excellence as a resource of boundless inquiry, continual challenge, and never-ending support of their needs and dreams.
  • Give those clients who have faith and trust in our abilities more than they expected.
  • Facilitate a continuous growth process for dentists, spouses, and team members to allow them to become peak performers
  • Create a unique structure that is values and incentive driven. Continually evaluate, clarify and recommit to those values that will make us the best choice for our current and prospective clients.
  • Create an environment that is catalytic and conducive to the creative process.
  • Continue to seek the information necessary to be “state of the art.”
  • Provide the right information at the right time in the proper context empowers decision-making.
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary network focused on synergy and growth of each member of the team.
  • A vision to be the best in our field, to become a paradigm of excellence to the dental profession.


Our core mission is to facilitate excellence by inspiring greatness. The clarification and realization of our client’s* vision which is congruent with their core values is our primary focus. In achieving this mission, our challenge will be to assist our clients in their choices, discovery, and growth as they begin to live their vision through alignment and commitment. Our commitment is to be a partner and resource for challenge, renewal, and continuity in a journey of opportunity, choice, and achievement.

*Cli-ent (kli’ent) n. [< L. cliens, ] the dentist and his/her support team at home and in practice.


Our firm has been designed to assist dentists in the growth and maturation phase of their practices. The core mission of CaringQuest is achieved by catalyzing the exploration, discovery, growth, and development of those seeking to be their very best. To achieve the mission, creating a highly competent, synergistic team of peak performers is critical. Each member of the team must not be an employee, but a partner capable of bringing visions and ideas to reality. The name of the game today is continuous improvement through information management (technology), leverage of individual knowledge and skill (people) and synergistic teamwork (process). The information we can provide the dental profession is the source of our success. In properly developing and delivering the information, we can achieve a mutually beneficial relationship that yields great psychological, spiritual and financial rewards.


Janet K. Couch OTR/L

Cruisin' Director

Janet has been a practicing Occupational Therapist and Mentor for over 40 years. She has advanced training and experience in ergonomics. Janet has been applying her specialized knowledge to dentistry through our Dental Ergonomics MasterClasses and providing consultation to clients of CaringQuest.

Michael A. Couch DDS 


Michael has spent 39 years of his professional career as a clinician, educator and consultant. At the University of Colorado School of Dentistry, he led the Four-handed Dentistry curriculum.  As a catalyst he designs dental offices, coaches resource development of the point of care process and develops technology integration plans.


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