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Janet and I welcome you to CaringQuest.  We have been growing and evolving our approach to dental ergonomics and helping dental teams for over 30 years. Along the way we have been blessed with some great mentors and many incredible clients.

In 1985, John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene wrote “Reinventing the Corporation.”   They stated, “We have essentially the same education system we had in the industrial society and we are trying to use it to equip us for the information age.” 

Naisbitt and Aburdene proposed that in addition to the 3 R’s it was crucial to add TLC to our skill set.  In order to compete in the Information Age, we must learn how to Think, we must learn how to Learn, and learn how to Create.  This paradigm has influenced our thinking and approach to our service to our great profession.  As you can see by the key menus items, we address each of these skills.  For more insight on our approach to learning just click here.

Our core focus of our mission is “inspiring greatness at the point of care.”

What is the “point of care” you ask?  For a better insight we encourage you to click here.

This site was developed to share our message and commitment to the arena of dental ergonomics.  We invite you to navigate your way around our site and come back often as we share our discovery of great “Point of Care” solutions.

After you have had a chance to review the content of the site, please go to Contact Us to get in touch with our team.

ENJOY and Thank you for stopping by

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