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You found your way here.  Janet and I welcome you to CaringQuest.  We have been growing and evolving our approach to dental ergonomics and helping dental teams for over 30 years. Along the way, we learned from some great mentors and many incredible clients.

This site was developed to share our message and commitment to the arena of dental ergonomics. We invite you to navigate your way around this site and come back often as we share our discovery of great “Point of Care” solutions.

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ENJOY and Thank you for stopping by.


The core focus of our mission is “inspiring greatness at the point of care.”

The Point of Care

What is the “Point of Care” you ask?  

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About CQ

Our Values, Purpose and Vision clarified.  Also you can learn about Our Founders.

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We focus on Ergonomics in Dentistry and T.I.E. the elements of Talent, Information and Environment together.

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Time for a New Learning Paradigm


To learn and transform, you can take a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) journey by clicking on these two services.

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Or you can get coaching from us with a D.w.Y. (Done with You) approach.


Live in your potential

Don't let the physical challenges stand in the way of achieving your potential.  We are committed to helping you overcome the obstacles.


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