Time for a New Learning Paradigm

paradigm |ˈparəˌdīm| noun - 1 a typical example or pattern of something; a model

The majority of our educational systems from elementary through post-graduate are broken and outdated.  In global rankings, our educational standing continues to fall and is it any wonder why.  While you may find some exceptions in the K-12 system and some better results in higher education, it is time to think, learn and create a better approach from the ground up.

In 1985, John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene wrote “Reinventing the Corporation.”   They stated, “We have essentially the same education system we had in the industrial society and we are trying to use it to equip us for the information age.” 

Naisbitt and Aburdene proposed that in addition to the 3 R’s it was crucial to add TLC to our skill set.  In order to compete in the Information Age, we must learn how to Think, we must learn how to Learn, and learn how to Create.

Twenty-seven years later, little has been done and the results of an arcane system move us further back in the line and the needs for a skilled workforce are falling short.

So where do we look for answers to reinvent education?

At CaringQuest, we are committed to inspiring a better way to Think, Learn and Create. Our guidance and inspiration comes from these three great thought leaders. We invite you to click on the links and then ask if the ideas presented could have an impact on how you serve your clients.

Salman Khan(Khan Academy) -   http://bit.ly/vkLiAK

Simon Sinek - http://bit.ly/vLk0ev

Nancy Duarte - http://bit.ly/zHrx1e

And here is an additional interesting interview our research turned up.

Bonus:  John Hennessy, President of Stanford and Salman Khan at All ThingsD - https://on.wsj.com/2Wz6BTz

Through the years as we built the "Point of Care"model we have evaluated the key solutions that were the best fit or "Best in Class." One of the factors that I used in my assessment was what would I use if I was still in practice or what could I not practice without.

In this section we will be highlighting great solutions from great companies. We are committed to evangelizing those solutions which enable, empower and inspire greatness at the point of care.

Our Commitment:We will disclose our relationship the these companies and their solutions in each segment. As always we invite your questions, so Contact Us.



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